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Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is a research-based intervention program with the prime goals of accelerating literacy learning and reducing reading and writing failure difficulties. It targets those students performing in the lowest 20% of Year One.
Reading Recovery:
·         Identifies students experiencing reading and writing difficulties after their first year of school.
·         Provides an intensive, individually designed and individually delivered series of lessons for 30 minutes each day.
·         Is supplementary to the ongoing literacy activities in the classroom.
The duration of Reading Recovery program varies for each student. Reading Recovery students catch up with their peers often within 12 to 20 weeks and continue to make progress from regular classroom activities with their average peers, at the end of the program.
Who Receives Reading Recovery?
The students identified to participate in Reading Recovery are those who, after a year at school, appear to be experiencing difficulties with learning to read and write. Identification of students is based on prior learning achievement, diagnostic assessment and teacher recommendations.
Reading Recovery teachers determine when a student successfully completed a series of lessons and can employ strategies to resolve challenges encountered in their reading and writing. Students who do not successfully discontinue their series of lessons still make valuable progress. Participation in Reading Recovery enables them to be readily identified as continuing to need intervention.
For further information on Reading Recovery go to the following website link:
Our Reading Recovery teacher are Miss McNabb and Mrs Prudames.